World High Stakes Golf

Update 05/2011

What players all really like about this event is no matter what skill level you play at, you can win this event. It’s a unique hit-and-bet format and the groups are run by professionally trained croupiers who act as the master scorekeepers. Players start with a $10,000 purse on the first tee. One percent of the purse is an automatic ante which doubles every three holes. Once you hit your tee shot, you wager on every shot against the other players in your group as to who will win the hole. Don’t like your shot or the wager? Fold your hand, pick up your ball and move on to the next hole.

This is our fifth year of running high stakes golf events. They get better every year. We had men and women ranging in age from mid-20’s to mid-70’s and handicaps from 2-28. Over 90% of our matches came down to the last hole – many of them, the last shot.

We are a player driven event. If you love to golf and gamble it’ll be one of the best and most memorable days you’ll ever have on a golf course.


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Rescheduled to 2012

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